Borderless Payroll System for African Businesses

A crypto-powered payroll solution for global businesses & talents. Pay your talents globally with ease & get paid easily while doing the work you love.

Start Invoicing

Bloccpay for Business

Manage all your payroll business in one place.


Hire Globally

Now you can hire anyone, anywhere without worrying about cross-border payment difficulties.


Automate your payroll system

Pay anyone anywhere and anytime in the world instantly and easily.


Employee Satisfaction

Save time & cost while ensuring overall employee satisfaction.

For Talents & Creatives

Get paid easily while doing the work you love.


Global Opportunities

Explore global opportunities and become a global talent without the stress of getting paid.


Preserve Value of your Funds

We preserve your funds in stable coins so you never have to worry about depreciation.


Easily access your funds

Access your funds any time in crypto or fiat.